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Student Support Services

Student Counselling

Mrs. Debbie Proulx is the counsellor at our school.  Counseling is designed to:
•    Facilitate students’ understanding and ability to deal with personal and social matters
•    Provide service to individuals, or groups within the school setting
•    Involves consultation with parents, teachers and administrators
•    Offers developmental, remedial and preventative programs and
•    Provides a referral service for the school community, to specialized resources both in the school
     or in the larger community

Learning Assistance

Mrs. Janelle Zebedee is Chute Lake Elementary’s full-time Learning Assistance Teacher.  Learning Assistance is designed to provide:
•    learning support to students requiring skill building practice
•    language development opportunities for students who are English Language Learners (ELL)
•    individual education plans for students requiring further scaffolding or support with learning outcomes at varying grade levels
•    enrichment activities to students/teachers  to further continued growth and opportunity in interest areas that are open-ended to provide extra challenge to stretch imagination a development of twentieth century skills
•    collaboration with classroom teachers in creating programs  in  individual classrooms and school wide to support the development of all students
•    collaboration with parents/guardians throughout the school year
•    liaison between our school community and  itinerant staff such as the Speech Language Pathologist, Auditory/Vision Specialist, Occupational Therapist , School Psychologist, Counselor, Resource Teacher and school administrators support the development of all students
Mrs. Jessica Jensen and Miss Tara Melia will also be working closely with our Learning Assistance teacher provide support to students.

Learning Resource Teacher

Mrs. Lindsay Lindsay is our Resource Teacher.  Resource teacher services are designed to provide:

•    A more in-depth support for qualifying students requiring individual education plans
•    Collaboration and direction  to our team of Certified Educational Assistants (CEA)* who work closely with individual and groups of students to support them in their learning
•    Continual collaboration with classroom teachers and CEA support staff to create individual student's programs that align with classroom  practice
•    collaboration with parents/guardians throughout the school year
•    liaison between our school community and itinerant staff

Speech Language Pathologist 

Ms. Giselle Maier is our school's speech therapist.  

Certified Educational Assistants

•     Educational Assistants (CEA’s) are assigned to both individual classes to support designated student(s) and can be assigned by the school administration to support students school wide for a variety of learning/behavioural reasons.