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Chute Lake Elementary
The CLE Music program runs from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  
We offer a ukele, guitar and recorder program, as well as incorporate non pitched (metals, skins and woods) and pitched barred instruments (xylophone, metallophone and glockenspiel). 
Primary students will be preparing for an annual Christmas concert.  The Intermediate  will take place in the Spring. 
K-6 Music students will experience music through the use of body percussion, voice, pitched and non-pitched instruments.  Currently Grade 3’s are starting a unit on recorders; Grade 4’s a unit on the Ukulele and Grade 5 and 6's will be adding guitar to their repertoire soon. We also added drumming for all grades. 
If there is any concern with your child’s progress please feel free to email me at
"Music exclusively for children, that could be played, sung and danced by them, but could also in a similar way be invented by them - A world of their own -”  Carl Orff

CLE's 2018 Spring Musical TREASURE ISLAND...  songs to learn!

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01 Pieces of Eight.wma
1/11/2018 1:38 PMLise Bradshaw
02 Captain Flint.wma
1/11/2018 1:38 PMLise Bradshaw
03 Somewhere There's a Great Adventure.wma
1/11/2018 1:38 PMLise Bradshaw
04 An Apple a Day.wma
1/11/2018 1:38 PMLise Bradshaw
05 Sailing Away.wma
1/11/2018 1:38 PMLise Bradshaw
06 Rich!  Rich!  Rich!.wma
1/11/2018 1:39 PMLise Bradshaw
07 A Pirate Through and Through.wma
1/11/2018 1:40 PMLise Bradshaw
08 We Are the Pigaloo Tribe.wma
1/11/2018 1:40 PMLise Bradshaw
09 Reprise-  Pieces of Eight.wma
1/11/2018 1:40 PMLise Bradshaw