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We believe that music education in the elementary school is an important part of a successful school’s curriculum. Researchers continue to gather evidence supporting the benefits and positive effects of music education within our schools.

At Chute Lake Elementary we are fortunate enough to offer a guitar, ukulele and recorder program, as well as incorporate other pitched and non pitched instruments, such as, hand bells, barred Instruments (xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels), boomwhackers, hand drums, bucket drumming, spoons and our brand new African drums. 

K-5 CLE students experience music through movement, body percussion, voice, pitched and non pitched instruments. 

Typically, Primary students prepare for an annual Christmas Concert and the Intermediate Musical  takes place in the Spring.  



Mrs. Tina Hoek

"Music exclusively for children, that could be played, sung and danced by them, but could also in a similar way be invented by them - A world of their own -”  Carl Orff


​Tina Hoek

Music Teacher (K-5)


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